Introducing Windy UI

2021 June 17th • ☕️ 1 min read

Today I'm announcing openly my work with Blazor and Tailwind CSS: Windy UI.

Windy UI is a Blazor component library using Tailwind CSS. It's strongly inspired by Tailwind UI.

Windy UI

The goal of Windy UI is to give an example of how you can start the creation of your own UI library should you need to. Tailwind CSS shines in it's capacity to increase productivity in UI work. It's lower level model is practically built with creating UI libraries with it. Despite that, there's no handbook or guide to help you do this with Blazor. To create such a UI library you need to be proficient in both Blazor and Tailwind CSS.

To support both communities I intend to release a series of articles about the step by step process of the making of Windy UI.

I hope this guide can help anyone looking to use both of Blazor and Tailwind in the same project. They're both amazing tools and it's a shame there isn't more content out there.

Please enjoy the step by step posts as they come and give me some feedback of what you'd like to see in Windy UI or in the posts.

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